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What follows is from the pages of corporate history. Directors, think OR blink and sink

What would you do if you were a Director?

All the decisions of the MD are shot down by the Executive Chair.

An Executive Chair refuses to become Non-Executive Chair, despite failing health, and consequent irregular attendance.

Decisions at the Board level get deferred due to the absence of the Executive Chair, who wants to be a part of all decisions.

A disproportionately large presence of the parent company on the Board of a listed subsidiary prevents the latter from having meaningful discussions on strategy.

A KMP is on extension, after his superannuation, but the company is not proactively looking for a successor for him.

Executive Vice Chair has conversations with investors, without keeping the MD in loop.

A Nominee Director absents himself from meetings, to avoid being a part of a tough decision.

A Director disagrees with every resolution, thinking it to be the ultimate safeguard to any negative action in the future against her/him.

Competitor’s representative comes to AGM and asks for confidential information.