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Corporate India has witnessed several regulatory and structural reforms in the area of Corporate Governance in the last few years. The most significant ones have been the move from the Companies Act, 1956 to the Companies Act,...

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Audit is an unbiased independent examination and evaluation of a process. It is most commonly used in the context of audit of financial statements of a company, but there can also be audit of the operations ...

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The Board of Directors, or Board, is at the apex of any company. It comprises a group of individuals, who are elected by shareholders, to represent and safeguard their interests. The Board is responsible for holding the manage...

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The canvas of Corporate Governance is very large. However, there are some important issues that should not be lost sight of. Thes...

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A ‘Standard’ is a repeatable, agreed upon and documented way of doing something. It contains certain specifications or criteria, which are to be used as a rule or guideline to increase reliability. India essentially fol...

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