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What follows is from the pages of corporate history. Directors, think OR blink and sink

What would you do if you were a Director?

The bank, on the Board of which you are a Director, has very many cyber outages, which inter alia leads to the Regulator taking action against the bank.

Children of the non-executive promoters want a Board seat each.

The MD of the bank, on the Board of which you are a Director, changes some provisions relating to accounting principles, and does not keep the Audit Committee or the Board informed.

Shareholders reject the proposed increase in salary of the MD.

The Chair of the Board uses security to remove a shareholder in an AGM, and this gets media coverage.

Former head of a global consultancy firm gets appointed as an ID on the Board of a major client of the consultancy.

One major stakeholder/ prospective client of the company criticises the Chair of the company in front of one of the IDs.

Promoter Chair becomes non-executive, but chooses to have functions handling M&A and IA reporting to him.

An Executive Chair becomes a Non-Executive Chair, but continues to come to office everyday.