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After a few years of witnessing significant growth the Indian economy witnessed a few years of sluggish performance far below its potential. The reasons for subdued performance are many and varied. However, in the recent past some green shoots of recovery are in evidence. The country also appears to have entered into a decision making mode in which substantive and procedural obstacles to growth and development are likely to be overcome, sooner rather than later. Briefly stated, India appears to be back on the growth path. It is now for corporate entities, among others, to take advantage of the spirit of positivism that appears to pervade the scene. Central to corporate responses is the role of the CFO. As the co-pilot in the corporate cockpit, it is the CFO’s role to ensure a smooth flight in pursuit of lofty heights of performance. How are CFOs expected to respond to this challenge? This is sought to be addressed by way of closed door, free-flowing discussions among experienced CFOs, with no media presence.