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The Board of Directors of a company constitutes its highest level of leadership. The responsibility of leadership involves the making of continuous attempts to ensure that the company is run in a manner consistent with the interests of all the stakeholders. Briefly stated, while Corporate Governance ought to inform the activities of the entire organisation, the Board of Directors is the custodian of Corporate Governance. Consequently, each Director of the Board and Senior management member is expected to contribute towards the successful and sustainable functioning of the company in a responsible manner consistent with law, regulations and the higher elements of governance. This makes it incumbent on them to be fully familiar with the various applicable provisions of law and regulations and to work out the manner in which she / he will ensure compliance in letter and in spirit. The training of Directors and Senior management persons is therefore critical in the successful performance of the companies.


The programme focuses on the regulatory and legislative provisions, their practical implications and the manner in which the journey beyond compliance to governance can be undertaken. While the “what” is addressed in law and the regulations, the “how” is proposed to be discussed in this programme.

The objective of the programme is to ensure that the participants are enabled to improve their performance at the Board level and, in the process, to contribute to improved Board performance.


Our training programmes our experience sharing interactive programmes. They draw heavily on the rich experience of the key faculty personnel, consisting of eminent lawyers, eminent chartered accountants and experienced independent directors, who have been and continue to be on the Boards of leading public sector and private sector companies.

The one or two-day training programme is customized depending on the requirements of the participants.


  • DEVELOPING DISCERNING DIRECTORS – our unique Director training programme which focuses on the training requirements of Directors, both executive and non-executive.
  • PIVOTS OF GOVERNANCE – Programme for KMPs and Executive Directors – our unique training programme for KMPs and EDs
  • AMBIT OF AUDIT – our unique training programme which focuses on the Audit function for members of the Audit Committee and CFOs

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