Mergers & Acquisitions Advice : Out of the Box Success


In a world divided by extreme specialization the difference between business success and failure often depends on exiting the non-core activities, at the right time. And yet, frequently, it is also a function of acquisitions and successful integration. In either event such non-organic business moves need deep strategic thought and flawless execution. Choosing partners, strategic investors, joint ventures players, merger and demerger candidates, sell-off buyers and strategic businesses to invest could easily go wrong if poorly conceived or negotiated.

Our approach

We help to think through the strategic imperatives of an inorganic idea, challenging the initiators of the move to examine all possibilities and probabilities in depth, before embarking on any inorganic expedition. We then help with the selection of transaction agents and search of probable counter-parties or suitors. And finally we work seamlessly as a member of the negotiation and execution team to make the inorganic idea a reality.

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